what is Smoke Detector Sensor

A smoke sensor is a device fitted to smoke alarms. A smoke alarm is designed to detect the presence of smoke in a home to alert the occupants that a fire has broken out. Detecting the smoke from a fire and sounding the alarm enables the occupants to get out and alert the fire service quickly.


What does smoke detector detect?

Both smoke alarms will detect the smoke from either a smoldering fire or a flaming fire. It has been established and well known for many years that: Ionization smoke alarms tend to respond faster to the smoke produced by flaming fires than photoelectric smoke alarms.

Dimension 51R*55H (mm)
Alarm sound >85dB
Power supply CR2A Dc 3v Battery
Sensor type Infrared Photoelectric Sensor
Static current <11uA
Mounting method Ceiling
Alarm current <30mA
Battery standby lifetime 3 Years
Working temperature -10℃~+50℃
Alarm type Strobe,Siren and APP
Working Humidity 95%RH, no freezing



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