What is gas detector sensor?

Gas sensors (also known as gas detectors) are electronic devices that detect and identify different types of gasses.

They are commonly used to detect toxic or explosive gasses and measure gas concentration. …

This type of sensor employs a chemiresistor which comes in contact and reacts with target gasses.

How do gas detection sensors work?

This point detector operates by monitoring the temperature of a controlled hydrogen flame using a pyrometer.

Flammable gas in the air supply to the flame causes the temperature of the flame to change.

This change is a measure of gas concentration. This detector is large and is used for flammable gases from 0-100% LEL.

lnput voltage DC5V (micro USB standard interface)
Working current <150mA
Response time <30s
Gas sensor lifetime 3 yearsInstallation
type wall-mounted
Air pressure 86~106Kpa
Working temperature 0~55 ℃
Relative humidity <80% (no freezing)
Unit weight 0.26 kg
Product volume 15.0*11.0* 6.0 cm


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