3S-M10 Wireless Smart Lock


> Zinc alloy case

> With Tuya Bluetooth, 100 mobile users

> 255 users (100 fingerprint + 155 PIN)

> PIN length: 4~6 digits

> With USB port for emergency power

> With Backup mechanical key for emergency override


The device is a wireless fingerprint & PIN handle lock,

which supports 100 fingerprint users and 155 PIN users.Besides, it is with Tuya Bluetooth, can support 100 mobile users

Product Parameter Parameter Descr1ption
S4A Model S4A-M10
Product Name Bluetooth Tuya Fingerprint Wireless Door Lock
Mobile User Capacity 100
Hardware User Capacity 255
Fingerprint 100 (Includes 1 Master Fingerprint)
PIN 155
PIN Length 4~6 Digits
Operating Voltage 4 Units AAA Batteries
Color Black, Silver, Grey, Golden
Idle Current ≤25uA
Working Current ≤120mA
Operating Temperature -25°C~60°C
Physical Zinc-alloy
Dimensions L165 x W29 x D65.5 (mm)
Shipping Weight 1. 2kg




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