Product Feature

> Metal case, anti-vandal

> Digital backlit touch keypad

> Multi-function standalone access controller and reader,

> WG interface: WG26 Input / output

> Capacity: 2000 cards / codes

> Three accesses: card, pin, card + pin

Product Parameter Parameter Description
3S Model 3S302
Name Touch Screen Standalone Access Controller
Card type EM
Waterproof degree IP68
Working voltage DC12-24V
Static electricity ≤35mA
Reading range 2 ~ 5cm
Ambient temperature -40~60℃
Humidity 10%~90%
Electric lock output ≤1A
Short-circuit protect ≤100μS
Relay output delay time 0-99 s
Dimension 118*81*21mm
Unit Weight 0.38KG
Standard Package 54PCS
Carton Weight 21.5KG
Carton Size 56*40*41cm




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