Anti-glare up to 50,000LUX, built-in automatic adjustment of glare filtration system, to avoid the impact of light or car lighting
> All-weather sealed rain (fog), dust (insects) and other integrated structure designed to work in harsh environments
> Detector automatically increases sensitivity when fog or bad weather conditions (AGC circuit)
> High level of anti-RFI / EMI capability
> Unique digital filter circuit design
> High-power transmitter devices, 90% sensitivity margin High-power infrared receiver on the tube, low-power processing technology Anti-lightning circuit design
> With rain cover design
> C-type relay output
> Adjustable beam interruption period to make it more flexible and adaptable
> Professional anti-interference optical cover

Product Name Beam sensor
Color Black
Wave length 940nm
Operating Voltage 12-24V DC
Detection distance ≤20M
Frequency 1.92KHz
Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ 55℃
Dimensions 76×49.2×21.6mm



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