● Basic Parameters
Types of UHF passive RFID tags
Working Frequency 860-960MHz
Protocol ISO / IEC 18000-6C EPC Class1 Gen2
● Physical Parameters
Size 98 * 12mm
Packaging Material  PET + etched aluminum antenna
Antenna Etching aluminum
Craft None
● Performance Parameters
Chip U8
Storage Related to the chip
Working Mode Read and write
Data Retention > 10 years
Write Endurance 100,000 times
Reading Distance 0-15m (Related to the chip,antenna and S4A UHF Readers)
● Environmental Parameters
Working temperature (-25 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃)
Storage temperature (-30 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃)
● Typical Applications
Applications Logistics, Assets management, Retail management, Pharmaceutical management, Supply chain management
● Package
Packaging Information 2000PCS/Roll


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