3S02G Single opening



What is a biometric door lock?

Biometric door locks are a type of keyless lock that uses a unique part of a user’s body as a credential. Biometric locks for doors take the form of: Fingerprint scanners. Facial scanners. Iris scanners.


What are the benefits of biometric door lock?

One of the key benefits of fingerprint door locks is that they are highly secure. Biometric authentication technology is difficult to bypass or hack, which makes these locks a more reliable security option than traditional locks.

Lock body material stainless steel
Lock material zinc alloy
Unlocking method Fingerprint+Bluetooth+Key
Application WeChat mini program + APP
Door opening method Separate unlocking inside and outside
Fingerprint capacity 100 pieces
Charging interface Type-C
Charging time Charging for 1 hour, about 180 days of use
Waterproof level Not waterproof
Operating temperature -20°C~+70°C
Suitable for door thickness 11-12mm
Frameless door gap 4-10mm
Applicable door type Double opening frameless glass door


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