Product Parameter Parameter Description
 Model 3S668
Product Name Fingerprint Glass Door Lock
Display X
Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor sensor
USB Support USB to download attendance record and user info
Fingerprint collector dark background optical tape inductive fingerprint collector.
Fingerprint recognition algorithm S4A V2.0 high speed fingerprint algorithm,
Fingerprint Verify speed ≤ 0.1S
Error rate ≤ 0.0001%
FRR ≤0.01%
Power Supply DC4.0~6.0V (4*1.5V AA Battery)
Working Current ≤30UA
User Capacity 1000 Templates (Finger/Mifare/Pincode)
Recognition Mode Fingerprint, password verification, IC card
Optional Functions Remote Smartphone Control, IC Card, Remote Controller
Resolution 500DPI
Door thickness 8~15mm
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Operating Humidity ≤93%
Emergency Power Emergency External Power USB Port, 6~9v
Other function Low battery alarm, Normal Open, Door bell
Unit Weight 1.7KG
Standard Package 8PCS
Carton Weight 11.5KG
Carton Size 50*45.5*25.5 (cm)


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