BL-N2000 This this Durable Electric Bolt Lock is controlled with an intelligent circuit, and its working voltage is DC12V.

A locking delay circuit is set at the side of the lock for choice among 0/3/6/9 seconds by the user.

Locking delay can be selected to prevent from bolt’s being sprung out when the door is not closed stably.

A door detection circuit is designed in the bolt lock, which is led out of the lock through a wire for the user to detect and monitor on/off status of the door.

Product Parameter Parameter Description
3S  Model BL-N2000
Product Name Durable Narrow Electric Bolt Lock
Working voltage  DC 12V
Red  Positive pole(+)
Black  Negative pole(-)
Current  Starting current is 0.95A and working current is 0.12A
Locking delay  0/3/6/9S
LED indication of bolt status  Red light when bolt return and green light when the bolt sticks out Detection of door status
Size of stainless steel bolt  Ф12.6MM
Sticking-out length 15MM
 Size of magnet seat 84MM(L)×25MM(W)
Outer dimension of lock body  168MM(L)×25MM(W)×37MM(D)
Size of decoration panel  178MM(L)×30MM(W)×0.8MM(D)
Size of extension rack 28MM(L)×23MM(W)×4MM(D)
Accessories for installation  magnet seat (1), decoration panel (1),

screw (8), extension rack (2)


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