Wide input voltage range, small size, high reliability, good electromagnetic compatibility,

high efficiency, perfect protection function, with remote control to open the door, the temperature rise of the electric lock

(compared with the industrial frequency power supply) is greatly reduced.


Product Parameter Parameter Description
3S Model K703A
Product Name Wide Voltage Switching Power Supply
Input voltage 110~240VAC
Input frequency 50~60Hz
The output voltage DC12V
Output current 3A
Output voltage fine-tuning range 10% sword~15% sword
Load stability 1% typical
Output stability 0.5% typical
Ripple and noise 1%, peak-to-peak value (100mVp-p typical value)
Insulation withstand voltage 1500VAC between primary and secondary poles, 1500VAC between primary and shell, 500VAC between secondary shells
Hold time Typical value is 20ms at full load
Working temperature -20℃~65℃
Overload protection All the output terminals are short-circuited or overloaded, the electric lock is protected and the output delay is 0~30 seconds
Dimension 128x51x36mm
Weight 105g



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