Product Parameter Parameter Description
 Model 3SK108
Product Name Fingerprint Glass Door Lock
Display X
Fingerprint sensor Semiconductor sensor
Communication USB + Bluetooth  + Tuya APP
Fingerprint collector dark background optical tape inductive fingerprint collector.
Fingerprint recognition algorithm S4A V2.0 high speed fingerprint algorithm,
Fingerprint Verify speed ≤ 0.1S
Error rate ≤ 0.0001%
FRR ≤0.01%
Power Supply DC4.0~6.0V (4*1.5V AA Battery)
Working Current ≤30UA
User Capacity 1000 Templates (Finger/RFID/Pincode)
Recognition Mode Fingerprint, password verification, ID EM card
Optional Functions Remote Smartphone Control, EM Card, Remote Controller
Resolution 500DPI
Door thickness 8~15mm
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 55℃
Operating Humidity ≤93%
Emergency Power Emergency External Power USB Port, 6~9v
Other function Low battery alarm, Normal Open, Door bell
Unit Weight 1.7KG
Standard Package 8PCS
Carton Weight 11.5KG
Carton Size 50*45.5*25.5 (cm)


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