> Support card, facial recognition , fingerprint, card + fingerprint, Card + facial recognition

> Can read 125KHz EM Card(Optional)

> Can read 13.56MHz Mifare card (Optional)

> Support Infrared remote controller operation.

> Can operate as a reader.  The transmission format could be adjusted by users.

> Support admin card, admin fingerprint (add/delete)

> Can hold 10,000 card users,1000 facial users and 600 fingerprint users



Product Parameter Parameter Description
3S Model SF1
Product Name Facial Recognition Access Control
Card type EM or MF
User Capacity 10,000 card users
Facial Capacity 1000 facial users
Fingerprint Capacity 600 fingerprint users
Operating Voltage DC12V
Standby Current ≤180mA
Operation Current ≤300mA
Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃
Operating Humidity 0%~95%
Dimensions 139x70x22mm
Access mode Fingerprint, card, facial recognition, or multiple combinations



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