Normal management of the Access Control are “One for One”, that means one card reader control one door. Valid card can open the door, invalid card can not open. Bur we can found that in many fields, a “One for More Controllers” are needed.


Example 1: Lift Access Control Management

We usually have ten or more floors in one lift, but you just need one card reader. The system can distinguish the user’s privilege, then take them to the right floor.

If the user has multi-floor privilege, when swiping the card, he can choose the floor he want to go this time, and he can not push other floor buttons.

If the users are the security and administrator, they can go to any floor they want according to the privilege settings.


Example 2: Cabinet Access Control

It can combine with the Adroitor software to manage this.

When you swiping card, the appoint cabinet will open.

The administrator can use PC to open all doors at one time to do some check and manage work.

The cleaner can open all the door to do cleaning work after office-time.


Some customers do not like card reader, they also can use Biometric instrument like: finger-print readers, face recognition and so on if they have wiegand format.


The Manage Function can start using:


Time Profile


Peripheral Control

Product Parameter Parameter Descr1ption
 Model 3SDT10
Product Name 10 Floors TCP/IP Elevator Board
Floors Controlled 1 ~ 10 Floors
Card capacity 20000
Log capacity 100000
Communications TCP/IP
The largest networking sets unlimited
Input 1 Wiegand 26 bit (34 bit, etc.) format card reader or other biometric device
Packing neutral
Circuit board size 164 x 106 mm
Fire signal input 1
Power Supply DC12V



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