what is Magnetic Reed Switch

The reed switch is an electrical switch operated by an applied magnetic field. … The switch may be actuated by an electromagnetic coil, making a reed relay, or by bringing a permanent magnet near it. When the magnetic field is removed, the contacts in the reed switch return to their original position.


What are magnetic reed switches used for?

A reed switch is an electromagnetic switch used to control the flow of electricity in a circuit. They are made from two or more ferrous reeds encased within a small glass tube-like envelope, which become magnetised and move together or separate when a magnetic field is moved towards the switch.

Sensing distance 25-35mm
Hole distance 33mm
Electrical parameters maximum power 10W, maximum voltage 100V, maximum current 0.5A
Switch form NO-Normally Open / NC-Normally Close / NO+NC
Scope of application metal doors/windows/cabinet
Current 0.1A
Voltage 100VDC
Power 3w
Shell material zinc alloy, silver gray plating
size 50x 20 x10mm



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