3SF18 EM


What is Fingerprint Access Control?

Fingerprint Access Control is an intelligent management system that installs a fingerprint access control at the entrance and exits and performs operations such as release, rejection, It is used as gate access control, intelligent building system, high-security entrance, and exit management and other places, The purpose of safe access control is to effectively control the access of personnel and realize the safety management of entrances and exits. The fingerprint access control machine uses human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification and has the characteristics of irreplaceability, non-copying, and uniqueness.

User Capacity 2000 users
Card type ID EM 125KHz
Screen size 2.4 inch LCD color screen
Door opening method Fingerprint, Password, Cards
Memory record 50000 items
Material ABS flame retardant material
Communication USB/U disk upload and download
Dimensions 170x76x20mm
Weight 0.5kg




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